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About us

Global awakening ministries-Uganda is an evangelistic organization registered with Certificate number 80020000198137. God called us to form an evangelistic outreach ministry amidst the challenge of first growing World population with deteriorating values of Christianity.

Global awakening missionaries Uganda is an interdenominational Faith based outreach mission organization formed by a group of evangelists. The passion to form into an organization came during an after mission evaluation meeting. And it was clear that there was a need to organize members into a group that can combart the growing rate of deteriorating values, high youth school dropout, high population growth rate, drug abuse, high HIV growth rate, growing of youth manipulation schemes, high poverty rates and high unemployment. We reach out to preach the gospel and at the same use our professions to minister to communities. We partner with schools, churches, community leaders to do evangelism, business and leadership trainings, HIV/AIDS counselling, career guidance, human rights awareness, health related issues, support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

1:1 Vision

Transforming Nations for Jesus Christ.


1:2 Mission

We exist to raise and equip leaders for for Transformation of nations for or LORD Jesus Christ.

Our Passion is to raise, Train and equip others to transform nations for Christ.

We reach out to all tribes, peoples, languages, through outreach, workshop training, and equipping Christians to fulfill the great commission by influencing the seven mountains of influence (family, Religion, Education, Media, Health, Business and Government).

1:3 Statement of faith

We are an Evangelical Christian organization preaching a holistic gospel of salvation to the nations by acceptance of our lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to the authority of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible to be the inspired; the only infallible and authoritative Word of God revealing God’s purpose for the world.

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