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We acknowledge the role of quality education in economic development and that no country can be better than the quality of education of her citizens. Having testimonies of many orphans who rose to become great leaders like Ali Bongo president of Gabon, Andrew Jackson Alexander Hamilton, the U.S. founding father, Herbert Hoover, U.S. president orphaned at age 9, Bertrand Russell, political philosopher, orphaned at age 3, etc.

Some of us God used people not even related to us to pay our fees, and the only way to thank God is to give it back to his people. Global awakening missionaries will support Children rights to education through support to orphans and Vulnerable, fighting vices like child sacrifice and child trafficking.

Through this ministry we shall identify the most vulnerable brilliant youth especially orphans who have failed to study or who are finding difficulty to continue with their studies due to financial challenges and support them.



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