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Our trainings are focused on empowering families with reliable income to support education of children, solve GBV, and improving food security. We acknowledge that leadership is not the number of followers but quality of successors groomed by a leader and begins from character building in homes. Therefore We encourage women at all level to join leadership. Only with Godly leaders can we transform nations. We encourage leaders to mentor/groom their teams as their primary role. Submission to Christ is the only sure way to raise godly and servant leaders for the transformation of nations. We conduct  leadership trainings, business and financial management trainings, agricultural trainings as a strategy to equip the church and also help new converts use their hands to work.



We engage with leaders at all levels and this is key to our ministry. We believe everybody is born a leader but just needs development, courage to stand out and shine to their potential. National transformation is the primary call of every Christian leaders. We acknowledge the role of Christian leadership in the history of national development of countries like America, south Korea, which have gone faster in development, just because of the first founders who put Christian foundational values of raising godly families and putting accountability at the forefront.

Career guidance and counselling.  We acknowledge that hopelessness and lack of awareness is the major cause of school dropouts, early marriages, family breakdown, drug abuse, and crimes. We promote abstinence for the eradication of HIV in schools and families. We believe that acceptance to salvation in Christ Jesus is the sure way to have an HIV free generation. As people come to Christ, counselling is done and abstinence/ faithfulness pledge cards are signed. We offer premarital and family counselling as well.

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